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Totnes Branch

Totnes Branch
Our History

Salago started trading as a retail store in June 1971, in premises on the High Street, Totnes, South Devon, England. The initial product range consisted of leather goods, sheepskins and Indian and Greek fashion clothing, in fact, Salago was one of the first retailers in the South West of England to specialise in Oriental clothing.

It was a risk starting a shop which stocked these unusual types of products, at a time when Totnes was still a fairly traditional market town with very conventional shops. In fact, other local retailers are known to have said "that shop will never last".

In 1983 Salago moved up the High Street to its current location, a much larger building with two floors. This extra space allowed for a dramatic expansion in the product range. The lower floor space was devoted to stocking a larger range of ladies fashions and accessories, footwear, leather goods and jewellery. The first floor became home to totally new product ranges, including toys, books, soft furnishings, games and many more. This expansion has led to Salago being one of the major retail stores in Totnes.

Throughout the history of Salago, and to this day, we have tried to stock unusual, high quality items , products that are made mainly from natural materials, such as cotton, hemp, wood, clay etc.

Exactly thirty years after its first opening, Salago has expanded yet further with the launching of Salago.Com, the online version of Salago, aiming to make the products available to a wider audience.

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